Risk Mitigation

Insurance claims fraud risk

Indoor fire risk

Cold chain risk

Risk Mitigation Practitioners

We are a commercial risk mitigating firm specialising in deploying transformative risk mitigating technologies for our clients.

Working with the Gilela team is a collaborative process. We work closely with your risk experts to ensure that the product we deploy delivers tangible value. Your business needs, and user’s experience, are at the centre of everything we do.

Outcomes for our clients has two Tiers:

Tier 1 includes being informed of possible brewing risk before manifestation in time for mitigation – Proactive Risk management.

Tier 2 includes being risk ready where risk impact can be minimized – Semi/Real time risk management.

The importance of knowing is implied, but the detriment of not knowing is potentially catastrophic.
Partner with Gilela – Commercial Risk mitigating firm.

Kholwani Mbambo

Gilela Managing Director