Cold Chain Risk

Centralized Monitoring

Enables monitoring of several Fridges or Cold Transportation Vehicles located at multiple sites using a single dedicated dashboard.

Energy Saving

Monitor Door Status to ensure doors remain closed and fridge is not overcooling to compensate. Whilst monitoring device energy usage in real time to manage the cold chain more efficiently.

Maintenance & Fault Management

Monitor temperature and energy usage to identify fridge and compressor performance. Vehicles can also be integrated with allowing for predictive maintenance, giving valuable insights into vehicle health and status.

Reduction in Stock / Asset Losses

Monitor Ambient Temperature to ensure temperature remains stable increasing stock shelf life. Alerting if temperatures drop below set points to allow for proactive responses and reduce stock losses.

Visibility & Traceability

Create an audit trail to ensure stock is kept at safe/ideal temperatures from point of departure to point of delivery. Monitor vehicle location, route and timelines to ensure efficiency.


Customers gain access to a set of reports that will allow them to understand current and historical information relating to different elements.