vehicle & Fleet Risk

Gilela provides a proven vehicle tracking and fleet management system, for the purpose of providing our customers with reliable tracking and protection of their vehicle and fleet investment.


  • Reduced fuel – up to 20% savings on fuel
  • Up to 20% improvement in productivity
  • Up to 22% reduction in accidents
  • 15% reduction in insurance premiums
  • 20% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Effective driver incentives and interventions (reduction in speeding events and insurance costs)
  • Improved route management
  • Reduction in risk – security of vehicle

Information Provided

Risk Management: Security

  • Assets (Driver, Vehicle and Cargo)
  • Hi-jacking
  • Jamming mitigation
  • Route adherence
  • Safe areas

Risk Management: Safety

  • Driver and other road users
  • Fatigue and rest time
  • Early warning – unrest
  • Seatbelt use
  • Correct driver with approved operating licenses

Asset Management

  • Keeping assets on the road
  • Accident information
  • License validity
  • HR (driver control)
  • Legislative compliance (AARTO and RTMS)

Revenue Increase: Productivity and Utilisation

  • Proof of service, job, load and adherence to SLA
  • Accurate distance travelled
  • Operating hours
  • Turn-around-time (gate-to-gate)
  • Standing time
  • Onboard weight

Cost Management: Driving Behaviour

  • Who, When, Where and How
  • Driver control and management
  • Accurate and reliable driving behaviour info – Speeding and ABC’s (acceleration, braking and cornering)
  • Time management (business, private, overtime)
  • Reduce costs (fuel, overtime, fraud)
  • Reduce accidents (more sympathetic driving)
  • Driver debriefing and training

Operational Control: Optimise

  • Daily operational decision making
  • Real time visibility and alerts
  • Live productivity dashboard (effciency)
  • Job/Route management
  • Route deviation
  • Scheduled route adherence (planned vs. actual)
  • Communication
    workflow (driver app)